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The First Poison Information Centre in Gujarat was started at NIOH by Dr. Aruna Dewan and she provided Voluntary Services for more than 15 years. CEARCH (Centre for Education, Awareness and Research on Chemicals and Health) is an effort to continue this service.
To provide academic inputs to the much neglected Discipline of Toxicology, CEARCH Toxicology Services had taken the initiative to organize a one day workshop on “Clinical Toxicology”. This Workshop had provided up to date knowledge on the Diagnosis and Management of common poisonings and had conducted by senior Toxicologists and Expert in Critical Care. Medico-Legal aspects of poisoning had also been discussed. The Following Topics were discussed:

Introduction and Common  Poisonings in Gujarat Region –By Dr. Aruna Dewan (Toxicologist)
Dilemma of Unknown Poisoning By Dr. Manoj Singh (Critical Care Specialist)
Role of Laboratory in poisoning cases. By Mr. A. B. Patel(Head, Poison Information Centre, NIOH, Ahmedabad)
Critical Care Toxicology- By Dr. Manoj Singh
New Developments in Management of Poisoning. By Dr. Aruna Dewan
Medico-Legal Aspects of Poisoning By Dr. Geetendra Sharma (Medico-Legal Advisor)
  About 80 delegates had attended in this workshop. 
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