Occupational Health 

5. Biomonitoring Occupational Exposures:

  Our services are also provided to different factories where work-related hazards are common.

For the first time in Gujarat, CEARCH has started providing its services to various industries by providing biomonitoring of different toxicants in occupational set ups.


  The following parameters are offered at present:-

Sr No Parameter Exposure/Industry
1   Urinary Phenol   For Benzene exposure assessment
2   Blood Methemoglobin   Dyes and dye intermediate industries
3   Blood Lead and Urinary delta-aminolevulinic   acid (δALA)   Battery recycling workers, Industries related to production Lead based   chemicals, lead mining
4   Plasma & RBC cholinesterase   Pesticide manufacturing/formulating industry
Tests under development:
1   Urinary cotinine   Tobacco handling workers
2   Urinary Tran, trans-Muconic acid (ttMA)   For Benzene exposure assessment
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